Sunday, 11 October 2009

Kappa puzhukku & meen curry (Tapioca with fish curry)

Preperation time: 45 mins | Cooking time: 45 mins

A mouth watering combo of the century. :-) Well not for a non-keralite. This is also available in the most smallest of food stalls in Kerala, it is that famous. Tapiocas are relished in various forms. This is only one of its form that best goes with a fish curry.

For Puzhukku
(cut into small pieces)
Grated coconut–½cup
Cunin seeds–1/2tsp
Green chillies–2nos
Turmeric powder–½ tsp
Curry leaves–a few
Coconut oil-2tsp
Salt to taste

For Meen curry
Grated coconut-1cup
Red chilly powder-2tsp
Coriander powder-1tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Green chilli-1
Kodam puli (Kukum star)-2nos
Shallots-3 to 4 nos
Ginger-1/2" piece
Curry leaves-a few
Coconut oil-1tbsp
Salt to taste

Cook the tapioca with sufficient water until done and drain off the excess water. Add salt and turmeric, cook until they are bit mushy. Now grind coconut, cumin seeds, green chillies & garlic to a coarse paste without adding water and add this to the tapioca. Mix them well, add the curry leaves and cook for 2 minutes. Garnish with coconut oil. This as a dish alone is also very tasty but fish curry is the best combination.

Meen curry
Clean the fish and cut into medium pieces. Grind the coconut, shallots, ginger, red chilli powder & coriander powder to a smooth paste.

Traditionally meen curry is prepared in a meen chatti (clay pot) but it can be cooked in any vessel. Boil the kodam puli (kukum star) in a little water. Add the slit green chilli, a few curry leaves, turmeric powder and the ground coconut paste to this and bring it to boil. Add the fish pieces and salt, cook on a low flame until the fish is done. Garnish it with a few curry leaves and coconut oil.

Note: This curry also goes well with rice.


Anonymous said...

I see ginger in the ingredients. Which stage do u add that or not needed

Latha said...

Sorry, I have corrected it now.

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