Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Carrot delight

Preparation time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 30 mins

My kids are on vacation and that demands for more desserts. That's when I explored into my collection to get a quick and simple one.

Medium carrot(grated)-4
Custard powder-3tbsp
Dried fruits(almonds, pistas, raisins)-a few

Mix the custard powder to one half of the milk and keep it aside.

Heat ghee in a sauce pan (preferably non-stick) and add the carrots. Saute until all the water evaporates. Add about 2tbsp sugar and stir until slightly caramelised. Now add the other half of the milk to this along with the dried fruits and cook on low flame. When the milk evaporates add the custard powder mixture into this and continue cooking on low flame stirring constantly. When it thickens add the remaining sugar and mix well.

It tastes best when served cold.

Sangeetha of Kothiyavanu has given me these sets of awards.....Thank you so much dear and it is a great encouragement for me.


Pavithra said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog... this dessert is real mouthwatering one dear... looks so yummy . Wish to try it soon.

Latha said...

Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.

Sangeetha Subhash said...

looks yummy dear,I'm stopping by again to inform that you have been bestowed a few awards on my page. Do come by to collect them when you have the time, dearest:)

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