Friday, 9 October 2009

Appam with potato stew

A traditional Kerala breakfast dish. This is typically made in an appa chatti (appam pan) which allows the sides of the appam to be crispy and the center soft and thick. But as always rules are bend to suit our needs ;-). We can use a dosa pan instead. There are few accompaniments with appam like kadala (brown chick peas) curry, masala curry, mutta (egg) curry and so on. In my recipe I've written about potato stew though my sons relish it with milk and sugar :-).

Rice(raw rice or sona masoori)-2cups
Fresh coconut(grated) or coconut powder-1cup
Cooked rice-5tbsp
Salt to taste

Soak the rice for about 4 hours. Grind the rice and the cooked rice to a smooth paste. Mix sugar and the yeast in quarter glass of lukewarm water and keep it aside. Once the yeast ferments(about 10 min) grind it along with coconut and salt to a smooth mixture. Now mix this along with the rice paste and keep it overnight for fermentation.

Heat a dosa pan and smear it with a little oil. Pour the batter on the pan and spread it slightly to give it a round shape. Cover it with a lid and cook until done.

Preparation time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 30 mins

Potato Stew
Green chillies-3
Curry leaves-a few
Coconut oil-2tbsp
Coconut milk-1cup
Salt to taste

Heat 1tbsp of oil in a vessel, add few curry leaves, cubed potatoes and onions, slit green chillies & chopped ginger. Saute for about 5 minutes. Now cook along with salt and water until the potatoes are done. At this stage add coconut milk and cook until it just starts boiling. Remove it from the stove.

Add the curry leaves and 1tbsp of coconut oil and keep it closed so that the flavours stay intact.


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