Sunday, 17 May 2009

Kerala parotta & chicken curry

This is a favourite dish among malayalees world over. We are no exception, my hubby especially. This Indian bread is not readily available in the place we live in and the main reason for the craving. That's when my hubby suggested to try this at home. I wasn't very keen though thinking it would be difficult to make. But my hubby encouraged me to add it to the list.

Plain flour-2cups
Salt to taste
Water as required
Oil (vegetable oil)

Add salt & water to the flour and make a dough as for chapatis. Add about 2 tbsp of oil and knead well. Cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside for about an hour. Make 10 potions out of it and roll each ball on a flat oiled surface as thin as possible using a rolling pin.

Now holding both ends of the longer side make pleats until the end and roll them into a spiral ball. Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Add oil if you feel the dough is dry. Now take the spiral ball, apply oil on top and press with your palm and then use the rolling pin to bring into a round shape. Cook it on a oiled pan until brown on both sides. Once you are through with 3-4 parottas place them on a flat surface and using your hands beat them softly (as you would clap). This is to help the layers to separate. For best results serve hot with any Kerala style meat or chicken curry.

Chicken Curry
Chopped ginger-1 tbsp
Chopped garlic-1tbsp
Slit green chillies-2
Few curry leaves
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Coriander powder-2tsp
Chicken masala-1tsp
Chilli powder-1tsp
Coconut/Vegetable oil-4tbsp
Coconut milk-1 cup
Salt to taste

Cut chicken into small pieces and clean them well. Add all the powder masalas, few curry leaves, 1tbsp of coconut oil and salt to the chicken and mix them well. Leave it aside for 30 minutes. (you can use garam masala instead of chicken masala).

Take oil in a pan, add thinly sliced onions, chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies. Saute well for sometime. Add the marinated chicken and saute until the onions and chicken mix well. Now add water and cook. When the chicken is half done, add the potato cubes and continue to cook. When the chicken is done add the coconut milk, cook for about 5 minutes. In the end add a tbsp of coconut oil and fresh curry leaves. This enhances the taste of the curry.

It turned out to be very delicious and all the more not so tough to make.


The said...

Well written and very simple. Looks delicious.

satwa112 said...

Nice recipes on your blog. Hard to come by for a Keralite abroad like me. I'll be pointing my wife to this blog..haha. thx..

Latha said...

@The - Thanks for visiting my blog.

@satwa112 - Thanks. Looking forward for your wife to visit my site. Feebacks are much appreciated.

Sangeetha Subhash said...

Hey latha
Thank u so much for stopping by kothiyavunu latha...
U have a fabulous space with wonderful recipes!!!
Poratta looks yummmy and delicious..really it making me hungry yar!!!
My hubby loves poratta..he use to keep on asking to me to do..But i am scared to try that!!Coz once long back i tried it went i got perfect recipe with step by step...sure will try this weekend and let u know the outcome...:)Thanks for sharing the recipe..

Have a great day!!Keep in touch:)

Latha said...

@Sangeetha....Thank u so much. Sure,will keep in touch

Sangeetha Subhash said...

Hey latha
today tried poratto it came perfect..will post it.Thank u dear.

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