Sunday, 26 April 2009

Stepping stones into my culinary world

My interest towards cooking started during my early college days. I would try a few during my holidays ,there were flops ofcourse hits too. My parents & siblings were the best judges. With this experience I was boastful I could manage my culinary skills after marriage, as the famous proverb says "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Later I realised to win my man's heart I needed a Ph.D in my cooking techniques :). He was & still is my best and worst critic. Thus my dedication to cook only increased with time and to mention the least my family lives to eat rather than the other way round :). My best critic is also ecstatic to try various cuisines.

I have learnt from others and used my own variations through these years. In this blog I am trying to bring forth recipes that I have contrived.


Lakshmi said...

lovely edathiyamma, true what you said.. you really have got lovely critics around.. good work.. waiting to see more.. so that i can try them take care

Latha said...

@lakshmi - Thank you dear. Hope this site will be of use to you in the future :-)

Anjali said...

Biju chettan is probably the harshest critic around... maybe second after satheesh maman :)) haha

Latha said...

@anjali- Not to that extent and it is mostly with my cooking.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Latha
Couldn't help clicking the link and come here. Good that you took up cooking as a hobby in college and not a compulsion after marriage. :-).
I sent massages to my friends (Men) " The best way to get into your wife's heart is through stomach" But they dont listen. :-)
But we have been getting into each others heart through stomach, my wife is a great cook and a doctor. Actually I can say cooking is one of the best hobbies, it gives one great happiness and relaxation...
Keep cooking and keep reaching the heart of your near and dear ones :-)

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